Simple Steps to Mow Your Lawn Like a Pro

Simple Steps to Mow Your Lawn Like a Pro

Simple Steps to Mow Your Lawn Like a Pro

A perfectly maintained lawn is the foundation of a beautiful garden. Mowing correctly from March to October will certainly keep the grass looking its best – as a whole this means cutting twice a week in summer season and as soon as a week in spring as well as fall.

Newly-seeded grass needs 3 to four weeks to get established after germination prior to you ought to mow it for the very first time. The turf blades are tender and quickly harmed and the foot and lawn mower traffic could compact the soil, especially if the soil is wet. Trim when the brand-new lawn is 3/4 inch to 1 inch taller than its advised regular mowing height.

Likewise understand that before performing any maintenance, cleaning or evaluations on your mower, turn it off and get rid of the ignition/ security key (if geared up). On a gasoline-powered mower, disconnect the spark plug wire(s) as advised in the manual. If you have an electrical mower, disconnect if from its power supply. Make sure all blades and moving parts have come to a stop. Follow any pre-maintenance procedures the manufacturer specifies.

Here are some simple steps you should keep in mind when mowing your land:

Step 1

Always cut in completely dry climate. Mower blades will cut far better when it’s dry and also will not obstruct with damp grass. Get rid of particles such as stones which could harm the blades.

Step 2

Establish mowing height at highest setup for the very first cut of the year. As a basic rule, never remove even more than one third of the top of the turf. In springtime and also fall keep lawn at 2.5 centimeters (1in), in summer 4cm (1.5 in).

Step 3

Accumulate trimmings or rake them up as this aids stop fungal infections, however in very completely dry conditions they can be left on the lawn to assist maintain in moisture.

Step 4

Unless you have actually treated your yard with a weedkiller, placed the cuttings on your compost pile, layering it with woodier material.

Step 5

Cut backwards and forwards in straight lines guaranteeing you simply overlap and also do not leave tufts of lawn. Beginning between with a straight line across if you have an irregular lawn, doing one side each time.

Step 6

To obtain a red stripe your lawn mower need to have a roller. Try to reduce in a various direction weekly. In this way you’ll catch all the stray blades of grass.

Step 7

Complete off by cutting around the boundary. This will certainly clean up any marks made by transforming the mower.

Step 8

Once you have actually completed mowing, groom the side making use of a pair of long-handled edging shears and clean the cuttings.

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